SOMA LaboratoryIlluminator 8-Channel LED Driver


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SOMA Laboratory Illuminator

Add lights to your setup with the CV-controlled Illuminator, an eight-channel LED light driver from SOMA Laboratory. Compatible with the included LED strips as well as electromagnets, all you need is a CV source provided by anything from Eurorack, to Buchla, to other SOMA products, and even handmade instruments that use CV. All of it can connect to either the 1/8" jack, or the metal binding posts available with the best voltage being 1v-15v (or higher). With a myriad of applications from installations, experimental performance pieces, stage lighting for a band, or making an electroacoustic percussion setup, the Illuminator opens up interesting and immersive possibilities.

Illuminator Features

  • 8-Channel DC output for LEDs or electromagnets
  • Independant CV inputs and trimmers for each channel
  • Compact size
  • Works with voltage from 1v-15v+
  • Includes 8 LED Strips to get you started
  • Power: 12VDC, Center-positive (PSU included)
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