SOMA LaboratoryEnner Analog Touch Synthesizer

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SOMA Laboratory Enner

Enner from SOMA is an analog touch-plate stereo synth and electroacoustic instrument that is expressive, strange, and fun to play. Divided into a left, right, and center configuration, the Enner requires your flesh to form connections from the synth on the left, or the right, or the built-in Piezo mix to one of the audio outputs in the centerpiece triangular plate. The triangle itself is divided into two sections for the left and right to create a wide, spatial stereo field. At the bottom of the triangle is a pink noise output and a built-in delay with independent left and right delay times, which aid your creation of truly dosed soundscapes.

On the left is a rhythmic synth voice that has six different pulse outputs along with three logical "&" outputs with different combinations of the six pulses. A tempo control adjusts the timing for all pulse outputs—with this section complex patterns are easily achieved. On the right is a five voice synthesizer with discrete outputs for each voice either by the touch plate or simply by touching the tuning knobs. There is a master Pitch control along with independent Tune controls. Easily create interactive sounds using the Mod plates and get Ring mod outputs using the dedicated plate for combinations of voices 1 & 2, 2 & 3, and 3 & 4. Voice 5 has a unique Mod input that will repitch the voice by using any positive signal.

The triangular output matrix gives you several options for filtering: of course there is a direct output and a patch point for feeding the delay, but you also have access to fixed frequency low pass, band pass, and high pass filters. The Piezo section has a series of spokes and springs that easily lets you bring in external elements and affix small items to the Enner. A dedicated Piezo gain control helps control the dynamics and an external 1/4" input helps you tie everything together.

SOMA's Enner instrument is experimental and beautiful, capable of a wide range of sounds courtesy of the unique interface. Expressiveness is paramount with this instrument and it will be hard to put down once you start.

Enner Features

  • Analog touch plate synthesizer instrument
  • Two types of synths: rhythmic pulse-based and tuneable 5 voice
  • Built-in stereo delay
  • Independant touch plate connections for left and right, divided into different fixed frequency filters
  • Built-in Piezo mic
  • Noise source
  • External input
  • Power: 12V center-positive 200mA PSU included
  • 2x 1/4" Outputs
  • 1x 1/4" Input
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