Singular Audiotubedrve 500 Series Tube Saturator


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Singular Audio tubedrve

Singular Audio's tubedrve is a stereo, tube-driven saturation module in the 500 series format. Using two pentode tubes per channel for a total of four tubes in each module, the tubedrve delivers on gentle break-up as well as annihilated signal distortion. Two types of tubes are used: for each channel, the first one is an EF86 and the second is a 6AS6, which provides the distortion and all tubes are new-old-stock tubes manufactured in the 60s and 70s. Easily dial in the right amount with parallel processing and a dedicated Mix knob. Get an extra 15dB of gain for quiet signals or to add extra grit and for more control you can adjust, per channel, the tube operation to be either pentode (smoother, even harmonic distortion) or triode (asymmetric odd harmonic distortion). For authentic vintage-style warmth and distortion in a modern format, the tubedrve from Singular Audio is a great addition to your 500 series rack.

tubedrve Features

  • Stereo tube distortion module
  • New-old-stock of 2x EF86 and 2x 6AS6 in each module
  • Switchable between pentode and triode distortion colors
  • Input, Output, Mix, and Bias controls
  • Switchable 15dB boost
  • 2 Rack units in 500 series
  • Stereo I/O
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