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Bandcamp Picks - March 2021

Our Favorite Tunes & International Women's Day

Mutable Instruments Beads

Gillet's Classic Clouds Concept Refined

Bandcamp Picks - February 2021

Ringtones, Blunderphonics, and of Course—RIP Sophie

Electric + Eclectic : Giorgio Sancristoforo's Radiotone

An X-Ray Synthesizer and the Art of Sonification

Make Noise Strega

Alchemical Experiment & Cortini Collaboration

Best Effect Pedals of 2020

From Compelling Reverbs to Innovative Multi-Effects

Best Drum Machines + Grooveboxes of 2020

Semi-Modular, DSP, Trackers, and More

Best Eurorack Modules of 2020

Oscillators, Filters, Effects, & More

Best Synthesizers of 2020

Affordable Desktops to the Return of Vintage Classics

Bandcamp Friday December 2020

Five Albums of Acid, Noise, Improvisation, Ambience, and More

Best Electronic Music Gear Under $500

Grooveboxes, MIDI Controllers, and Synths for a Budget

Best Electronic Music Gear Under $200

Affordable Synths, Drum Machines, Noisemakers, and More

Korg SQ-64 Polyphonic Sequencer

A New Brain for Your Entire Studio

Korg's Opsix—What is Altered FM?

FM Synthesis Reimagined

Bandcamp Friday November 2020

Five Albums to Check Out

Moog Mother-32, DFAM, or Subharmonicon

Which Semi-Modular Synth is Right for You?

Five Scary Synths for Halloween

Some of the Scariest Synths of the Season

The Moog Claravox Centennial

Celebrating 100 Years of the Theremin

Novation AFX Station

An Aphex Twin-Approved Monosynth

Free + Cheap Synth Software October 2020

Plugins + Soft Synths to Check Out

Interview with Alex Rosson

The Art Of Making Perfect Headphones

Best Synths for Beginners

How to Choose Your First Synthesizer

Roland Boutique TR-06

Back Up to Their Old Drumatix

The Sequential Prophet-5 Returns

The New Prophet-5 Rev4 and Prophet-10

Dreadbox Hypnosis Effect Processor

Nostalgic Time Machine in a Box

Polyend Tracker Sampler / Workstation

Getting Back on Track

Dreadbox FX Typhon

A Small and Powerful Analog Synthesizer

ASM's Hydrasynth Morphs Again

New Features in Firmware 1.5

Nonlinear Labs C15 Synthesizer

Is It Worth It?

Moog Subharmonicon Semi-Modular Synth

Subverting Rhythm and Harmony

Make Noise 0-CTRL Touch Sequencer

Bringing New Life to Familiar Instruments

10 Albums for Staying Home

Glitch Vocals, Experimental Turntablism, Pop Grindcore, and More

An Interview With Giorgio Sancristoforo

Hardware, Software, Sound Art, DNA and Radiation

Best Soft Synths for Staying Home

Some of Our Favorite Affordable Synthesis Software

An Interview With Anthony Baldino

On Modular Synths, Latest Record, and more

UDO Super 6

Binaural Hybrid Synthesizer, or Stereo Playground

Elektron Model:Cycles

Making FM Easy and Accessible

SOMA Laboratory Pulsar-23

Demo with Designer Vlad Kreimer

Behind the Scenes with Gamechanger Audio

An Interview with Ilja Krumins

First Glance at the Sequential Pro 3

A Guided Tour of Dave Smith's Newest Synthesizer

NAMM 2020 Coverage

New Gear for a New Decade

Korg's New ARP 2600

The Return of a Legendary Instrument

Introducing the Korg Wavestate

Wave Sequencing and Vector Synthesis in 2020

Best Eurorack Filters + Effects of 2019

Multi-Peak Filters, Resynthesis, and Beyond

Film Scoring, Modular Synths, and Clipping.

An Interview With Jonathan Snipes

Type to Rhythm Machine

Interactive Live Stream and How to Use It

Best Gear Under $250

Affordable Synths that Won't Break Your Budget

Interview with Sarah Belle Reid

Discussing New Album Underneath and Sonder

Best Drum Machines of 2019

Samplers, Grooveboxes, and More

Best Eurorack Oscillators of 2019

Favorite Modular Sound Generators This Year

Best Synthesizers of 2019

Favorite Standalone and Semi-Modular Synths of the Year

Halloween Distortion Party with Noise Engineering

Ruina Family Overview and More

ASM Hydrasynth In-Depth Demo

Oscillators, WaveScan, and Mutators Explained

Delving Into Synth Voices

A Great Place to Get Started with Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

Bionic Lester Mk3 and Beyond

An Interview with Scott Jaeger (Industrial Music Electronics)

Empress Effects ZOIA Walkthrough

Modular Ecosystem in a Single Pedal

Microfreak Hybrid Synthesizer

A Walkthrough with Ian from Arturia

Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth

Interview with ASM's Glen Darcey

Making the Mimeophon

Perspectives from SoundHack's Tom Erbe

Exploring The World of SOMA Laboratory

An Interview with Vlad Kreimer

Morph Multidimensional Touch Controller

A Walkthrough with Peter from Sensel

1010 Music BlackBox

A Tiny and Powerful Sampler

Interview with Bana Haffar

Discussing New Record "Genera," Process, and More

The Mojave Desert Modular Experiment

Dillon Bastan

The Mojave Desert Modular Experiment

Patrick Shiroishi

The Mojave Desert Modular Experiment

Dustin Wong + Takako Minekawa

The Mojave Desert Modular Experiment

Zachary Paul

Master Blasting with Noise Engineering

Cursus Iteritas Percido, Distortion of the Month, and More

Perfect Circuit Sound Laboratory

Music Technology Flux Space

Superbooth 2019

The More Synths, The Merrier

Elektron Digitone Keys

Electronic Instruments for Electronic Music

Make Noise X-PAN

How to Get Excited About a Mixer

Moog Matriarch

Or: Who Needs Polyphony When You Have Paraphony

Super Signal Processor Overview

A Guided Tour of the Percussa SSP

Synthplex 2019

Report from the Synthesizer Neverland

WMD Metron Demo

A Guided Tour by Alex from WMD

Flight of the Navigator

Post-NAMM Talk with 4MS & Tiptop Audio

NAMM 2019 Coverage

Our Favorite New Gear for the New Year

Make Noise QPAS and You

Multipeak Filter and Binaural Madness

Korg Volca Modular

West Coast, Low Cost

Distinctly Doepfer

5 Modules You Might Have Overlooked