Details about electronic music techniques and their various implementations.

Getting Started with Modular Synths

Planning Your First Eurorack System with Sarah Belle Reid

Learning Synthesis: Controllers

Translating Ideas and Gestures to Sound

MIDI Connectors 101

Demystifying 5-Pin DIN, USB, and TRS MIDI

Learning Synthesis: Quantizers

Making Modular More Musical

Learning Synthesis: Sequencers

Part Two: Basics and Beyond

Video Synthesis Workshop with Alex Pelly

How Video Synths Work + Patch Walkthrough

Learning Synthesis: Samplers

Recording and Manipulating Sound

Eurorack and Line Level Signals

Getting Everything Connected

FM Synth Programming with Digitone

Operators, Algorithms, and More Explained

Rich Timbres with Simple Eurorack Modules

Getting the Most Out of Your Setup

Learning Synthesis: Noise

What is Noise and Why Do We Need It?

Getting Started with Field Recording

Tips and Tricks with Ian Wellman

Different Types of Synthesizers

Analog, Digital, Hybrid, Modular, and More Explained

Learning Synthesis: Logic

Boolean Logic, Comparators, Sequential Switches, and More

Learning Synthesis: Randomness

Pt. 3: Modern Random

Learning Synthesis: Randomness

Pt. 2: Foundations with Buchla and Serge

Learning Synthesis: Randomness

Pt. 1: Background and Basic Random Techniques

Time-Based Effects

Exploring Time with the Make Noise Mimeophon

Sine, Square, Triangle, Saw

The Difference Between Waveforms and Why It Matters

What is a Synthesizer?

Basics and Beyond

Learning Synthesis: Waveshapers

A Guide to Destructive Sound Processing and Waveform Design

Learning Synthesis: Envelopes

Part Two: Complex Envelopes, Arbitrary Functions, & Beyond

Learning Synthesis: LFOs

The Tides of Modulation

Learning Synthesis: Envelopes

Part One: ADSR, AD, AR, & Friends

Learning Synthesis: VCAs

Developing Dynamics and Modulating Modulation

Learning Synthesis: Filters

A Guide to Sweeping Success

Learning Synthesis: Oscillators

The Voice Of The Machine

Kick Drum Synthesis Techniques

Creating Eurorack Patches Inspired By 808 & 909 Schematics

Learning Synthesis

An Introduction

Modulation In Depth

The Basics of Phase Distortion and Frequency Modulation