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Details about electronic music techniques and their various implementations.

Learning Synthesis: Randomness

Pt. 2: Foundations with Buchla and Serge

Learning Synthesis: Randomness

Pt. 1: Background and Basic Random Techniques

Time-Based Effects

Exploring Time with the Make Noise Mimeophon

Sine, Square, Triangle, Saw

The Difference Between Waveforms and Why It Matters

What is a Synthesizer?

Basics and Beyond

Learning Synthesis: Waveshapers

A Guide to Destructive Sound Processing and Waveform Design

Learning Synthesis: Envelopes

Part Two: Complex Envelopes, Arbitrary Functions, & Beyond

Learning Synthesis: LFOs

The Tides of Modulation

Learning Synthesis: Envelopes

Part One: ADSR, AD, AR, & Friends

Learning Synthesis: VCAs

Developing Dynamics and Modulating Modulation

Learning Synthesis: Filters

A Guide to Sweeping Success

Learning Synthesis: Oscillators

The Voice Of The Machine

Kick Drum Synthesis Techniques

Creating Eurorack Patches Inspired By 808 & 909 Schematics

Learning Synthesis

An Introduction

Modulation In Depth

The Basics of Phase Distortion and Frequency Modulation