ShureSE846 Sound Isolating Earphones (Clear)


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Shure SE846

Audiophiles rejoice! The Shure SE846 provides unparalleled performance for the refined ear with four state-of-the-art custom engineered drivers. The drivers are designed to blend precisely together with a brand new low-pass filter to provide the sound of a true subwoofer, all without sacrificing any of the fidelity and providing a frequency response from 15Hz to 20kHz. Use the custom fit kit to personalize your fit and comfort, and take advantage of the sound isolating design that provides up to 37dB of noise cancelation.

The build quality is nothing less than pristine, with detachable cabling, sweat proof material, and the ability to use either Bluetooth or a wired connection, you’re never out of the mix. The SE846 delivers an experience unlike any other in-ear monitor, exactly what musicians and audio professionals have come to expect from Shure’s legacy.

SE846 Features

  • High-end in-ear monitors for the cleanest, clearest possible listening experience
  • Four drivers arranged in 3-way configuration
  • Deep bass response without sacrificing overall clarity
  • Detachable cable for maximal comfort and easy maintenance
  • Sound-isolating sleeves for passively reducing external noise
  • Includes three different nozzle inserts for varied frequency response
  • Rugged and sure to last
  • Type: in-ear
  • Drivers: four
  • Frequency response: 15Hz–20kHz
  • Impedance: 9 Ohms
  • Noise attenuation: 37dB
  • Cable length: 45" and 60" replaceable cables included
  • Connector: 1/8"
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