ShureMX393/O Omni Condenser Boundary Microphone


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Shure MX393/O

The MX393/O from Shure is a boundary microphone that comes equipped with an omnidirectional capsule. It's perfect for houses of worship, board-room meetings, teleconferencing, or podcasting. The low-profile design is subtle and fits into any room you place it in.

Configure the silent membrane switch for push to talk, push to mute, or push on/push off modes. The omnidirectional polar pattern captures sounds all around the microphone, making it perfect for several people around a table. The flat frequency response across the vocal range, RF filtering, and boundary effect ensure a clear and natural sound without interference. While this package includes the omnidirectional capsule, Shure offers additional capsules, including cardioid and supercardioid.

MX393/O Features

  • Boundary microphone with omnidirectional capsule
  • Low profile design makes subtly fit into any room its place in
  • Captures sounds all around the microphone
  • RF filtering
  • Flat frequency response throughout vocal range
  • Takes advantage of the boundary effect for reduced room ambience
  • Silent membrane switch with multiple modes of operation
  • Requires 11–52V of phantom power
  • Comes with paint mask for custom color instillations
  • Polar pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Frequency response: 50Hz-17kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 111.5dB
  • Dynamic range: 94dB
  • Requires 11-52V DC phantom power at 2.0mA
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