ShureKSM353/ED Ribbon Microphone


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Shure KSM353/ED

Sporting a ribbon element that can stand up to high SPLs, the Shure KSM353/ED delivers a smooth performance that can be used for a wide range of applications. Using Roswellite for the ribbon construction, this ribbon is particularly durable and can handle SPL up to 146 SPL across its 30Hz–15kHz range.

A double-shielded transformer helps reduce magnetic and RF interference while providing a full-bodied output. It can be used with vocals or instruments and features a rich low end, full midrange, and defined upper ranges. The bidirectional figure-eight polar pattern provides excellent off-axis rejection and picks up sounds from the front and rear. Hand assembled with meticulous care, Shure uses machined steel, silver, aluminum, and gold materials of the highest quality.

Capturing the much-loved smooth sound of ribbon microphones without sacrificing fast transient response and ability to handle high SPL, this microphone is an excellent addition to any mic locker.

KSM353/ED Features

  • Premium ribbon microphone, ideal for capturing smooth vocals, brass, and much more
  • Bidirectional polar pattern with excellent off-axis rejection
  • Proprietary ribbon material offers the opportunity for use with high SPL sources—up to 146dB
  • Intense double-shielding for keeping RF interference at an absolute minimum
  • Hand-assembled from the finest components available
  • Includes spring-loaded suspension shockmount and upright wooden case
  • Microphone type: Ribbon
  • Polar pattern: Figure-eight
  • Frequency response: 30Hz–15kHz
  • Max SPL: 146dB
  • Output impedance: 330 Ohms
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Shure KSM353/ED Ribbon Microphone Reviews