ShureDMK57-52 4-Piece Drum Microphone Kit


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Shure DMK57-52

If you're looking to mic a drum kit, look no further than the DMK57-52 from Shure, an all-in-one solution that delivers on quality. It includes four microphones: three SM57s and one Beta 52A.

SM57s excel as snare drum mics and perform equally well with toms and other percussion sources. The Beta 52A is tailored to low frequency content and picks up all the dynamics of your kick drum playing. The SM57s include a drum mount system for mounting them in the optimal position for your playing. Whether you're recording a drummer in studio or using these microphones for a live performance, they perform exceptionally well, as you would expect from microphones from Shure.

DMK57-52 Features

  • High-quality drum kit for uncompromising sound
  • Great for recording or live sound reinforcement
  • Beta 52A is an industry standard mic for capturing clean, heavy-hitting kick sounds
  • Three SM57s provide world-class translation for your toms, snare, and more
  • Includes drum-mount systems for each of the three included SM57s
  • Includes a lightweight yet rugged carry case
  • Number of microphones: 1x Beta 52A, 3x SM57
  • Microphone type: Dynamic
  • Beta 52A polar pattern: Supercardioid
  • SM57 polar pattern: Cardioid
Shure DMK57-52 4-Piece Drum Microphone Kit Reviews