ShureBeta 87C Handheld Vocal Condenser Microphone (Cardioid)


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Shure Beta 87C

If you're a vocalist who wants more from their microphone, reach for the Shure Beta 87C, a vocal condenser microphone that doesn't sacrifice on performance. The cardioid polar pattern helps reject off axis sound that might otherwise color your vocal performance and is useful when used with personal monitors.

Designed for vocalists in mind, the subtle warmth and natural sound helps your vocal performance cut through the mix with brilliance without overwhelming other instruments. The three-stage pop filter helps block out breath noise or plosives that might otherwise cause problems for your vocal delivery. The Beta 87C is a superb vocal microphone that is built tough and captures your vocal performance flawlessly.

Beta 87C Features

  • Vocal condenser microphone
  • Cardioid polar pattern helps block out ambient noise from the rear and sides
  • Subtle warmth helps bring out the best parts of your vocal performance
  • Three-stage pop filter eliminates breath noise
  • Includes stand adapter, carrying pouch, and mic clip
  • Durable construction
  • Frequency response: 50Hz–16kHz
  • Microphone type: Condenser
  • Polar pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency response: 50Hz–16kHz
  • Impedance: 100 ohms
Shure Beta 87C Handheld Vocal Condenser Microphone (Cardioid) Reviews