Shakmat ModularMod Medusa Euclidean LFO


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Shakmat Modular Mod Medusa

You've heard of Euclidean rhythms, now get ready for Shakmat's Mod Medusa: a clever take on control voltages synced across musical intervals of time. The basic principle of the Euclidean algorithm remains intact here—that is, equally distributed events over a specified duration of time—but rather than sticking with rhythmic triggers, Mod Medusa calculates LFO cycles that fit within defined patterns. For example, with a Euclidean rhythm that would be three pulses across eight steps, Mod Medusa would produce an LFO cycle that spans three steps twice, and then a single cycle of two steps before looping the pattern around again.

Mod Medusa can do this for all four outputs independently, or derive three alternative outputs from the main signal, through means such as mathematical calculations or simple phase offsets. As for the generated waveforms, the Shape and Symmetry controls respectively morph through exponential, linear, logarithmic, or sinusoidal contours and skew the rise and fall times of the resulting wave. There's also a VCA CV input for scaling the output levels with an external signal. If you're looking for unique modulation options for your rig, Mod Medusa will not disappoint.

Mod Medusa Features

  • 4-channel Euclidean LFO
  • Patterns generated by Length and Density controls
  • Shape and Symmetry controls morph and skew between various waveforms
  • Internal clock divider
  • Peak Sync mode aligns waveform peaks with beat
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 21mm
  • Current draw: 55mA @ +12V, 30mA @ -12V
Shakmat Modular Mod Medusa Euclidean LFO Reviews