Shakmat ModularHarlequin's Context Preset Programmer


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Shakmat Modular Harlequin's Context

Cast your patches in a variety of roles with Harlequin's Context, the eloquent scene-based control voltage generator by Shakmat Modular. A plethora of essential modulation roles like offset voltages, LFOs, sample and hold, and more are assignable to each channel, and with four channels available per scene, there's no shortage of flexibility in this module.

Where Harlequin's Context shines is in its ability to change and morph between scenes on a whim. The global CV and Gate inputs have their functionality determined by one of 14 sets, allowing HC to function as everything from a morphing macro modulation source to a complex sequencer. Fitting for its name, this flexibility allows the Harlequin's Context to masterfully grace the stage, making it a worthy consideration for any live performance setup. And like any great performer, this Harlequin plays well with others too—HC supports the Select Bus protocol, allowing synchronized scene recall across a system loaded up with compatible modules, like the Make Noise Tempi, WMD Metron, Malekko Voltage Block, or even another Harlequin's Context.

Equally skilled in solemn soliloquies or vibrant comedy within your patches, Harlequin's Context is pleased to perform with you.

Harlequin's Context Features

  • Four channel modulation programmer
  • 16 scenes total, grouped in 4 acts of 4 scenes
  • Each channel can be assigned to one of 15 roles, including offsets, LFOs, random, envelopes, and unique serial modes
  • Select Bus compatible, can operate as a transmitter or receiver
  • CV and Gate input behavior determined by one of 14 sets, allowing for scene interpolation, sequencing, reset behaviors, and more
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 29mm
  • Current draw: 65mA @ +12V, 10mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
62HP: Contextual FX Processor - Small Eurorack Effect System
Back again with our trusty Intellijel Palette case, this episode of 62hp journeys into the world of Eurorack effects processing in a system dubbed the Contextual Effects Processor. While the name is a bit of a play on the inclusion of the Harlequin’s Context from Shakmat, the modules chosen for this system were picked for their versatility and ability to fit into a wide range of musical situations.

For our effects, we turned to the Data Bender by Qu-Bit Electronix for glitchy, digital artifacts, the expansive Milky Way from Endorphines for general purpose effects like delays and reverbs, and the crushing Guillotine distortion from Ritual Electronics. We’ve also got a Bastl Cinnamon for filtering and additional drive, and the Katowice by XAOC Devices supplies crossover filtering and multi band isolation for situations where surgical sound shaping is needed. External sounds enter the system through a pair of Mutable Instruments Ears modules, but we can also take advantage of their built-in contact mics for generating and processing sounds fully within the system itself.

The Harlequin’s Context is a preset programmer for generating linked sets of control voltage sources. Each of the four channels can be set up as an LFO, envelope generator, and more, and the configurations of all four are stored together in scenes, which can be accessed manually with buttons on the front panel or sequenced and scanned through for ever-changing modulation in your patches. When paired with a traditional modulator like ALM’s Pip Slope, any system (especially one loaded up with all kinds of effects like this one) can come alive in compelling ways.
Shakmat Harlequin's Context: Demo
The Harlequin's Context is a theatre piece in 16 scenes and 4 acts. In those scenes, four channels can shapeshift into different roles such as: offset, random, LFO or envelope. Scene selection can be done manually or can be addressed / sequenced with the CV and gate inputs depending on the set configuration.

Packed in 12hp with a ton of features, the Harlequin's Context is a powerful tool to prepare a live set with, and to create very peculiar modulation signals in the studio.
Shakmat Modular Harlequin's Context Preset Programmer Reviews