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Shakmat ModularGemini's Path Stereo Processor


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Shakmat Modular Gemini's Path

The Shakmat Modular Gemini's Path is a stereo sound processing device that packs a lot of functionality into a small package. At the center is a pair of THAT Corp branded low distortion and low noise VCAs that can be used as a stereo pair or two independent VCAs. The pump is a compressor-style mode with adjustable release time with unique shape. The panner can be modulated by sine LFO, random, or triggered envelope. The granuliser slices the signal into small chunks that are spread in the stereo field. The expander increases the amplitude when a trigger is detected. The modulation source is excited by a trigger detector which uses the input signals or external/side chain input to derive a trigger signal. Gemini's Path will surely set you on the right path with all of its features.

Gemini's Path Features

  • Stereo sound processor
  • Granuliser
  • Dual VCA with volume and panning control
  • Modulation source
  • Pump compressor
  • Expander with hold or decay
  • Panner
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 50mA @ +12V, 30mA @ -12V
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