SenselBuchla Thunder Overlay for Morph


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Sensel Buchla Thunder Overlay

Designed in collaboration with Buchla USA, this overlay brings the forward-thinking, ergonomic layout of the iconic Buchla Thunder controller to modern workflows. Originally designed to bring extended capabilities to electronic instruments, the Thunder was one of Don Buchla's most eye-catching designs—and it is very much at home in the Sensel framework, merging together the work of two companies who seek the same end goal: providing musicians more opportunity for expressive control.

The Sensel Morph is an advanced, high-resolution, high-speed touch surface designed for musical performance. The Morph's behavior can change altogether by swapping out silicone overlays—and the Buchla Thunder overlay provides even more extended control options than any of Sensel's other offerings. Fully compatible with MPE and standard MIDI protocols, each key can produce an astonishing array of note-related and continuous control data. And of course, the Sensel app offers users the opportunity to reconfigure the Thunder Overlay's behavior and even to store multiple configurations, making it exactly the controller you need, exactly when you need it.

Buchla Thunder Overlay Features

  • Specially-designed expressive music control overlay for the Sensel Morph
  • Designed in direct collaboration with Buchla USA
  • Brings the beautiful, ergonomic layout of Don Buchla's Thunder controller back for use in the MIDI ecosystem
  • 27 distinct touch areas can transmit note, velocity, location, and pressure messages—just like the original Thunder!
  • Provides an infinitely expressive control source to software instruments or hardware (with help of a MIDI host and/or MIDI-CV converter)
Product Demo Videos
Sensel Morph Customizable MPE Controller Demonstration
Peter Nyboer from Sensel came by our shop to demonstrate the Sensel Morph touch controller and its various overlays. He goes through many different uses for the Morph and discusses how the programming and customization of the controller works.
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