sE ElectronicsReflexion Filter RF-SPACE Mic Isolation Filter


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sE Electronics Reflexion Filter RF-SPACE

The sE Electronics Reflexion Filter SPACE is a reflection filter that is perfect for studios of all sizes. SPACE, or Specialized Portable Acoustic Control Environment brings the best parts of the Reflexion Pro and maximizes them, making it the largest of sE Electronics' reflection filters. The multi-layer design creates an acoustically neutral space for the microphone to occupy and adds no color to your recordings. It eliminates unwanted room reflections and troublesome noise and makes any room into a studio. Whether you're a studio, large or small, or a voice over artist/podcaster, SPACE is a fantastic addition to your recording setup, providing professional level isolation for any project.

Reflexion Filter RF-SPACE Features

  • Acoustic reflection screen
  • Blocks unwanted room reflections
  • Large size for more immersive acoustic environment
  • Easy to set up, attaches to mic stands or drum hardware
  • Multi-layer design
  • Dimensions: 15.75 x 13 x 7.75"
sE Electronics Reflexion Filter RF-SPACE Mic Isolation Filter Reviews