sE ElectronicsReflexion Filter PRO Mic Isolation Booth

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sE Electronics Reflexion Filter PRO

The sE Electronics Reflexion Filter PRO is a portable acoustic treatment device, perfect for home studios in need of improved mic isolation. Most houses are not built to be recording studios, and the space may cause unwanted auditory reflections while recording, even when using a cardioid mic. That's where sE's RF-PRO comes in. Meant to be mounted on a standard mic stand, the RF-PRO makes it easy to isolate your microphone from these unwanted reflections, keeping your recordings clean and free of the dangers of comb filtering.

The multi-layer technology provides acoustic treatment across the entire frequency spectrum. Whether you're in a professional studio and want some more isolation or working in your home studio, the Flexion Filter Pro is a fantastic choice to make your recordings sound as good as possible.

Reflexion Filter PRO Features

  • Acoustic treatment device
  • Mounts on mic stand for easy protection of your mic
  • Blocks unwanted reflections in your recording environment
  • Multi-layer design allows it to work across the entire frequency spectrum
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 12 x 8"
sE Electronics Reflexion Filter PRO Mic Isolation Booth Reviews