Schlappi EngineeringThree Body Triple FPGA Oscillator

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Schlappi Engineering Three Body

The long-awaited digital oscillator from Schlappi Engineering is finally here—Three Body is an immensely flexible triple oscillator, providing everything you need to explore the intricacies of phase and frequency modulation. At its core, Three Body runs on an FPGA architecture, which allows waveforms to be generated at an incredibly high sample rate, ensuring precision and fidelity in its internal audio rate modulations. Aside from some additional audio outputs on the center oscillator, each of the Three Body's oscillators are functionally identical and configurable by the user. This means that, unlike a traditional complex oscillator configuration, any oscillator can be configured as the carrier, modulator, or both at the same time!

Three Body specializes in both frequency and phase modulation, lending itself to both analog-esque and DX7-like flavors of FM timbres. Each oscillator offers two ways to dial in pitches: you can work in traditional Coarse and Fine tuning modes, or with frequency Ratios following the pitch of another oscillator. Looking closely at the panel, you'll see internal FM modulation sources notated in parenthesis, through which it's easily possible to set up traditional FM operator-like relationships or descend into chaotic feedback madness.

All three oscillators offer sine, triangle, sawtooth, and square wave outputs, which correspond to the typical waveforms found on oscillator modules. But Three Body also provides cosine and cosaw outputs on the center oscillator—identical to the sine and saw outputs but simply phase offset by 90 degrees. This means that the center oscillator is a great source for patching stereo modulation throughout your system, thanks to the availability of slightly offset copies of the same waveform.

Digital modules continue to push the boundaries of the Eurorack format, and Three Body is no exception.

Three Body Features

  • Triple digital oscillator
  • FPGA-based design for high-fidelity performance
  • V/Oct, Phase modulation, Frequency modulation, Index modulation available on all oscillators
  • Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, and Square waveforms available on all oscillators
  • Cosine and Cosaw outputs available on center oscillator
  • Free or Ratio tuning modes for each oscillator
  • Exponential or Linear thru-zero FM
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 30hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 95mA @ +12V, 50mA @ -12V
Schlappi Engineering Three Body Triple FPGA Oscillator Reviews