Schlappi EngineeringBoundary Cycling Slew + Four-Quadrant Multipler

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Schlappi Engineering Boundary

The Boundary from Schlappi Engineering is a multi-purpose modulation and signal control center with a cycling slew generator and four quadrant multiplier. It's multi-purpose in the truest sense of the word, as this little friend can be an envelope, modulation oscillator, frequency divider, slew generator, distortion, and ring modulator. Split into two sections, the slew/envelope side has the ability to move from logarithmic to exponential shapes, features a V/Oct-scaled Slew input, full wave rectifier via the Rectify input, and a Bound input that replaces the threshold for the cycling slew, allowing bouncing ball effects to be achieved. The VCA section has input, output and Bias (default VCA level), but also has an additional knob to control the slew out, which is normalized into the VCA section. You can also invert the normalized signal to create ducking effects. Additionally, since the Boundary will not retrigger during a Rise cycle, you can use it as a frequency divider at audio rate or a clock divider at slower speeds. With such versatility and flexibility, the creative possibilities are limited only to your imagination—and module collection. Slip the Boundary into your rack and you will have a functional addition to the team.

Boundary Features

  • Cycling slew and 4 quadrant multiplying VCA
  • Generate envelopes
  • Envelope following
  • Modulation oscillator
  • Waveshaping
  • Bouncing ball effects
  • Portamento
  • Frequency divider
  • Ring mod
  • Soft limiting or distortion
  • Normalized Slew output into the 4Q VCA
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 112mA @ +12V, 59mA @ -12V
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Schlappi Engineering Boundary Cycling Slew + Four-Quadrant Multipler Reviews