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RYK ModularNight Rider Quad Sequential Resonator


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RYK Modular Night Rider

Night Rider from RYK Modular is a quad sequential resonator, meaning a sequencer and filter bank in one module. This is a match made in heaven for sound designers, you get four multi-modal filter blocks where you can choose from a 6db BPF, 12db BPF, 12db variable width BPF, Comb filter, or all pass filter. Using these in conjunction with the six stage modulation sequencer can yield trippy phases, vocal formant ululations, Karplus-Strong pings, and woozy stereo effects. Each filter has an individual control that can be overdriven and a MIDI input lets you add even more control. Grab a Night Rider from RYK and start generating sounds that you never would've thought of with a pulse that feels alive.

Night Rider Features

  • Sequencer and filter bank combined
  • 4 Filter blocks with 5 different filters to choose from: 6db and 12db band pass, variable width band pass, comb filter, and all pass filter
  • Stereo I/O
  • Modulation sequencer can be externally clocked, scanned, and interpolated via MIDI or CV
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 52mA @ +12V, 9mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
RYK Night Rider Quad Sequential Resonator - Demo frenzy
Introducing NIGHT RIDER from RYK Modular

A Quad Resonator, combined with a six-stage four-channel
modulation sequencer

Finally a filter bank that unifies the control of multiple parameters, enabling a spaghetti-free approach to formant animation fun

NIGHT RIDER cleverly turns the dials to where you want them, when you want, via it's unique four channel modulation sequencer

Create dreamy swooshing 70’s phaser filter sweeps
Phenomenal for phoneme vocal formant rasps and wheezes
Plucking great for strumming Karplus Strong twangs, and pinging filter pings !
Or, turn your silk into shredded cabbage, with the built in bad-ass clipping-saturator
RYK Modular Night Rider Quad Sequential Resonator Reviews