RYK ModularM185 Sequencer


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RYK Modular M185

The RYK Modular M185 is an intuitive step sequencer with a straightforward interface and plenty of options for creative sequencing. While it may seem like a simple eight-step sequencer, digging a little deeper unlocks a vast range of possibilities. It features two channels, A and B. A always produces both a CV and gate, but B allows you to select between CV, gate, or sync output.

Split the A and B channels and add up to eight repeats to create complex sequences. Add up to eight ratcheting steps to any of the steps in the sequence and select from eight gate modes, including probabilistic gate sequencing. Choose from 15 different quantized scales, or use unquantized control voltage, both of which feature a range of 2.5V or 5V. Add programmable glide on a per-step basis for dynamic portamento.

You can use the M185 as both a MIDI to CV converter and use its TRS MIDI connections to sequence external MIDI devices. You can even chain two modules in series to expand the step count to up to 16 steps, making for vastly expanded sequencing possibilities. This sequencer is both playable and easy to use, letting you generate complex sequences right out of the box.

M185 Features

  • Eight-step sequencer
  • Add up to eight ratchets per step with eight gate modes
  • 15 quantized scales to choose from
  • Two sequencing lanes
  • A/B serial split mode with up to eight sequence repeats
  • MIDI input and output on TRS MIDI
  • Programmable glide per stage
  • Connect a second M185 to expand the sequences up to 16 steps
  • 2.5V or 5V output range
  • Bidirectional clock I/O
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 30hp
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current draw: 110mA @ +12V, 10mA @ -12V
RYK Modular M185 Sequencer Reviews