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Roland TR-06

With eyes on the TR-606, Roland translates another legendary machine from their past to their Boutique lineup: the TR-06. Originally released in 1981 along side the TB-303, the TR-606 is a classic and beloved drum machine that has driven the rhythms of many popular tracks throughout the years, and even inspired artists to push genres such as Chicago Juke and Detroit Acid, among others. The original 606 was a pocketable powerhouse, and the TR-06 improves on virtually every aspect of that classic design.

Featuring eight drum sounds, and several not-so-secret variation sounds, the TR-06 sounds just like it’s forebear with punchy kicks, sizzling hats and cymbals, and the iconic cracking snare drum. Roland has once again used their patented Analog Circuit Behavior technology to dial in the tone and presence of this drum machine, and they’ve added a few bells and whistles for good measure in the form of an on board compressor, multi-delay effect, and a multi-distortion effect. Tape delays, reverbs, and flangers are all accessible through the delay engine, and the distortion offers saturators, bit crushers, and overdrive, enabling you to shape your sounds in near infinite ways. The original 606 had one of the most approachable sequencers ever implemented in a drum machine at the time of it’s release, the TR-06 retains that ease of use, and adds rich new features such as step probability, sub-steps for racheting, as well as fills, and intro loops. One of the most exciting additions to the TR-06 is the addition of five analog trigger outputs for syncing and playing your additional external gear, enabling your TR-06 to seamlessly integrate itself in your workflow.

TR-06 Features

  • Recreation of a classically beloved drum machine with Analog Circuit Behavior
  • Advanced sequencer with probability, step looping, and fill functions
  • Built in compressor, delay, and drive distortion
  • 128 slot pattern memory
  • Five trigger outputs for syncing with external gear
  • Powered via USB or four AA batteries
  • Eight distinctive drum sounds
  • Syncs with Roland Cloud to act as a software controller
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  • User Memory: 128 Patterns, 16 steps with 16 substeps
  • Power: (4 x AA) or USB powered
  • Current Draw: 500mA (USB bus power)
  • Dimensions: 308mm x 130mm x 51mm (12-1/8" x 5-1/8" 2-1/16”)
  • Weight: 1.3kg
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