RolandSYR-E84 System-500 Powered Eurorack Case - 84HP


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Roland SYR-E84

Eurorack based modular synthesizers have been gaining popularity all around the world for their portability and usability. However, in order to have a properly protected modular synthesizer system, you need a case that focuses on durability, and that's where the SYR-E84 comes in. Roland's first Eurorack case integrates a highly durable, lightweight design with a clean power supply with a high capacity to feed the power hungry modules that will habitate the case. With a black aluminum enclosure and wooden side panels, the SYR-E84 provides top level looks and performance without breaking the bank.

SYR-E84 Features

  • 84HP Eurorack case with rugged aluminum construction and wood side panels
  • Modules can be securely mounted to the M3 bar nut and the included flying male bus cable
  • Includes a super-clean 2000 mA power supply designed especially for modular synths and effects
  • Stackable design and included screws allow two SYR-E84 cases to be joined together when a larger setup is required
  • Slant on the bottom corner of the case allows for angled positioning
  • Portable size and weight with a protective cover for travel
  • Case cover can be attached to the back with a latch to provide extra stability
  • Overcurrent protection to safeguard users and modules from hazardous currents
  • This item is compatible with M3 threaded screws.
  • Current Capacity: 2,000 mA @ +12V, 300mA @ +5V, 500mA @ -12V
  • Power Supply: AC Adaptor (DC 12V)
  • Includes 40 Eurorack Screws
  • Width: 18-15/16, 481mm
  • Depth: 5-3/8"", 135mm
  • Height: 6-3/16"", 157mm
  • Weight: 5 lbs 5oz, 2.4kg
Roland SYR-E84 System-500 Powered Eurorack Case - 84HP Reviews