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RolandSH-4d Digital Groovebox + Desktop Synthesizer


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Roland SH-4d

Looking for an affordable, all-in-one synthesizer and groovebox that can help you create full tracks of electronic music? Meet the Roland SH-4d! This compact desktop instrument is perfect for both beginners and experienced electronic music producers who want a powerful and intuitive tool for making intricate, evolving sounds and sequences.

With its four distinct synth parts, rhythm section, and multi-timbral sequencer, the SH-4d packs a lot of features into its small size. But don't be intimidated: the instrument is designed to be hands-on and easy to use. You'll find plenty of knobs and dedicated front-panel controls that allow you to make quick adjustments and get started making music right away.

The SH-4d's synthesizer engine includes eleven different oscillator models that give you access to a wide range of classic analog-inspired and modern digital sounds. From the new SH-4d Model that lets you layer up to four different waveforms to the Chord model that lets you create chord changes with single notes, there's a ton of sonic potential here. You'll also get access to models of classic Roland instruments—the Juno-106 model is perfect for vintage-style synth pads and chords, while the SH-101 model will give you everything from acid bass to quirky leads and beyond. The charmingly quirky PCM model also provides access to a pre-set group of sampled tones, which can be layered for more intricate sound design…so if you want vintage piano, organ, or peculiar synth tones, SH-4d has you covered. You'll also get Ring mod and Sync models, extending these classic synth techniques into much more rich, complex tools for sound creation.

But the SH-4d doesn't stop there. It also includes three contemporary models that dive into more complex, edgy, cutting-edge digital tones. With the Cross FM model, Wavetable model, and Drawing Model, you can create sounds that are truly unique and unheard of. You'll get classic FM bell tones and chaotic crunch; silky smooth wavetable morphing and grainy, jarring sonic changes; and yes, in the Drawing mode, you can indeed draw your own waveshapes for a completely unique sound.

The SH-4d's standard synth architecture includes dedicated controls for every parameter, including a filter section (with a dedicated highpass filter and a separate multi-mode resonant filter), amp section, and LFO section. It's easy to use the dedicated ADSR envelopes and LFO to interact with these sections…but with the internal modulation matrix, you can get way deeper: you can assign LFOs, envelopes, or even external MIDI sources to modulate all of the important parameters.

The rhythm part includes 49 pre-defined kits and 64 user slots, each of which contains up to 26 instruments with dedicated EQ and synthesis functions. And the multi-timbral sequencer works seamlessly with the integrated button-style keyboard to make sequencing a breeze, whether you're creating short loops or full-fledged multi-track compositions. Add to that the D-Motion motion sensors and a physics-based arpeggiator functionality, and you've got a powerful tool for performance and production.

With up to 60-note polyphony, renowned Roland effects, battery power, and extensive connectivity options, the SH-4d is one of Roland's most exciting synthesizers yet. Whether you're making music on the go, adding to your synth-based studio, or looking for an all-in-one groovebox for building out full tracks and albums, the SH-4d has everything you need and more.

SH-4d Features

  • Compact digital desktop synthesizer with pattern sequencer & intuitive, hands-on workflow
  • Eleven OSC models for accessing vintage analog-style tones, PCM, wavetable synthesis, and more
  • Includes Juno-106 and SH-101 models
  • Four synth parts and dedicated rhythm part with maximum 60 voice polyphony
  • Rhythm part offers extensive sound design control
  • Loads of hands-on controls for quick and easy tweaking
  • Dedicated filter, amplifier, and LFO controls
  • Advanced modulation matrix
  • Button-style keyboard
  • 128-pattern multitimbral sequencer with probability and sub-step settings
  • D-Motion and Visual Arpeggio use motion sensors to animate your sound
  • Global effects
  • MIDI via 5-pin DIN and USB-C
  • Audio interface functionality via USB-C
  • Analog clock input for integration with modular gear, Aira Compacts, and more
  • Powered via batteries or USB-C
  • Outputs: 2x 1/4" main outputs
  • Headphone outs: 1x 1/4" stereo phone jack
  • Mix input: 3.5mm stereo
  • Clock input: 3.5mm TS jack
  • MIDI: In & Out
  • USB: power, audio, MIDI
  • Power: USB Bus power, 4x AA battery (USB A to C and 4x AA batteries included)
  • Dimensions: 14-3/16 x 7-11/16 x 2-5/8"
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