RolandJuno-X Digital Keyboard Synthesizer

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Roland Juno-X

Containing the famed sound of two iconic and legendary synthesizers, Roland's Juno-X is a polyphonic synthesizer taking its rightful place in the Juno legacy. Showcasing a very familiar layout, the Juno-X sports the classic Juno-106 look as well as a finely recreated engine based on both the Juno-60 and 106 by utilizing Roland's signature ZEN-Core synthesis engine. A third and unique model based around the entirety of what the Juno-X has to offer pushes the sounds of super saws to their extent, adds a third chorus, and creates more opportunities for sound design with a redesigned arpeggiator and effects section. Three additional models including Roland's famed XV 5080, RD pianos, and a vocoder expand the Juno-X into highly versatile territories for sound manipulation, and because Juno-X runs on the ZEN-Core platform, it's open to the entire world of Roland's Model Expansions via Roland Cloud.

Looking solely at the UI, the Juno-X offers that same Juno look with customizable LFO, oscillator mixing, high and low pass filters, ADSR envelope, and effects section. Configured for a more modern take, the LFO and envelope sections have dedicated routings via the pitch, filter, and amp buttons beneath each, while the low pass filter sports a selection of vintage filters including the original Roland low pass as well as two other variations. The core oscillators not only add a super-saw button for getting thick pads, leads, and basses, but also provides controls for accessing the five available layers the Juno-X can perform in a single scene. Four of the five parts can be made up of any of the onboard or user-designed tones, while the fifth may be a rhythm part made from one of 90+ different drum kits. Parts can be layered in a multitude of ways, from keyboard splits to velocity layers and so on. Additional features include the highly versatile effects section with over 100+ different effects to choose from as well as the intelligent arpeggio that utilizes algorithms to create intricate and evolving arpeggiations that can be tempo-synched.

The lower half of the control panel offers immediate access to menus for preset, tone, scene, and other setting management as well as a classic yet updated style to the preset and instrument selection via the LED buttons. The elegant and playable 61-key keybed is complemented by not only the pitch bend and modulation lever but also the assignable sliders and buttons for creating depth and drama in your performances. Presets can be stored onboard or via an external memory USB dongle, and the secondary USB type-B port allows for MIDI and audio integration with your computer for easy recording into your DAW. With loads of expandability to add on pedals and MIDI synchronization as well as compatibility with Roland's WC-1 Wi-Fi adapter for Roland Cloud Connect, the Juno-X is a stellar addition to the Juno family and continues to innovate upon a foundational and influential sound for generations to come.

Juno-X Features

  • Polyphonic subtractive synthesizer
  • The next iteration in the Juno legacy, inspired by Juno-106 and Juno-60
  • ZEN-Core synthesis system integrating the authentic sounds of previous Junos with a new and enhanced Juno-X model
  • Includes sounds from the PCM-based XV 5080, acoustic piano styles of the RD series, and even a vocoder model for more expressivity
  • Support for Model Expansions via Roland's Cloud for access to Jupiter-8, JD-800, and many more
  • Compatible with Roland Cloud Connect over Wi-Fi with the WC-1 adapter (Roland Cloud membership)
  • 61-key keybed with channel aftertouch, pitch bend and modulation lever, two assignable sliders, 3 assignable switches
  • and onboard Juno-style layout of parameters and controls
  • 4000+ available preset tones with up to 256 user presets and 90+ drum kits
  • Play four different parts together with and additional rhythm part for multi-timbral performance
  • Large collection of effects ranging 93 multi-effects, EQ, overdrive, 8 reverbs, 5 choruses, 5 delays, and a master EQ & compressor
  • I-Arpeggio inspired by and expanded upon the Juno-60's arp
  • Onboard speakers
  • Inputs: 1x XLR/TRS 1/4" combo, 1x TRS 3.5mm
  • Output: 2x TRS 1/4", 2x XLR
  • Headphone outputs: 1x TRS 3.5mm, 1x TRS 1/4"
  • Pedal input: 1x sustain, 1x control
  • MIDI I/O: 2x 5-pin DIN
  • USB inputs: 1x type-A (memory), 1x type-B (audio/MIDI)
  • Dimensions: 42.24" x 13.13" x 4.69" (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 25.63 lbs
  • Power consumption: 20W
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