RolandJD-08 Boutique Synthesizer Sound Module


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Roland JD-08

Building on the original JD-800 from the early 90s, the JD-08 from Roland brings the Boutique series a heavy dose of digital delight. A minimized, but no less hands-on, interface gives you direct access to expressive sound design options that are well suited for creating lucious pads, digital leads, phat bass, and anything in between. Just like the original, you have four different Tone layers which can be edited individually, all at the same time, or any combination of the four. This architecture lets you get the evolving, dense ethereal sounds that the JD-800 was known for. With a unique time-based envelope section, you get control over each stage's level, as well as the time. With the ability to use this on the amp, filter, and pitch, you can get interesting sounds by cleverly adjusting the T4 level, allowing the pitch or filter to bloom after the release.

Sound design options are easily accessed with the Palette section, giving you four slides that automatically latch to the last touched parameter. You can then control that parameter for each of the four Tone layers—across the four sliders—without going into their respective sections, giving the JD-08 a very playable feel. Two-part polyphonic sequencer and bi-timbrality means you can dial in two simultaneous patches for intricate melodic and rhythmic movement. The JD-08 perfectly recreates the four-tone structure of the original hardware, includes the same 108 waveforms, and the unique two-part multi-effects which contribute to the cyberdelic vibes of the original. Tuck this little cutie into the corner of your studio and have access to a time portal with the boutique JD-08 from Roland.

JD-08 Features

  • Recreation of the Roland JD-800 in Boutique format
  • Bi-timbral
  • Two-part sequencer
  • 108 waveforms
  • Two-part multi-effects: distortion, phaser, spectrum, enhancer, delay, chorus, and reverb
  • 64 step sequencer with 4 note polyphony
  • Audio interface via USB-C connection
  • Full size MIDI I/O
  • External clock input
  • Battery powered
  • Fits into Roland's docks
  • 256 patch memory
  • Clock: 3.5mm TS input
  • Headphones: 3.5mm stereo
  • Output: 3.5mm stereo
  • Mix In: 3.5mm stereo
  • MIDI: 5-pin DIN I/O
  • USB: Type C for MIDI & Audio
  • Power: 4x AA or USB Bus power
  • Dimensions: 300x128x49mm/~12x5x2 in.
  • Weight:840g/1lb 14oz (with batteries)
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