Retro Mechanical LabsHyde Distortion Filter Retro Pedal - Flux Meter


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Many RMLfx products vary from unit to unit—the choice of wood, knobs, and/or VU meter (if applicable) make each device totally unique and one of a kind!

RML Hyde Distortion Filter Retro Pedal - Flux Meter

The Retro Mechanical Labs Hyde distortion filter is a dark, outright mean distortion box perfect for use with noisy, unruly synths. This version of the Hyde includes a retro-style wooden enclosure and Flux meter for an unparalleled, inspiring appearance.

Now with the option for CV control built in, the Hyde is great for use with Eurorack synths, desktop semimodular units, and more. If you're looking to add grimy, heavy distortion and deep filtering into your sound, look no further than the Hyde.

Hyde Features

  • Hyde Distortion Filter with Retro wood box, Flux meter, and 1/8" CV jacks
  • Active lowpass diode ladder filter with resonant feedback
  • Integrated slow LFO for filter frequency
  • Low cut filter to clean up low end
  • Enhanced mid range distortion control
  • Pre-filter distortion and post overdrive
  • Germanium clipping/saturation
  • Extensive CV control
  • TBD
  • 18VDC, 150mA PSU
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Retro Mechanical Labs Hyde Distortion Filter Retro Pedal - Flux Meter Reviews