Retro Mechanical LabsHyde Distortion Filter Retro Pedal - Standard Meter


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Many RMLfx products vary from unit to unit—the choice of wood, knobs, and/or VU meter (if applicable) make each device totally unique and one of a kind!

Retro Mechanical Labs Hyde Distortion Filter Retro

Retro Mechanical Labs is known for their love of gain, grit, and decimation, and the Hyde Distortion Filter is no exception—this version being housed in a beautiful wooden enclosure with a classic-style VU meter. This pedal is the key to crafting immense, driven drums or dark, suffocating drones.

The core of the Hyde is its rich diode lowpass filter, with its cutoff controlled by the titular Hyde control, and resonance with Fortis. Further shaping is possible through Up and Down, which represent gain stages before and after the filter respectively. To give some motion to your destruction, the Hyde has a built-in LFO, with its depth and speed determined by the Bias and Zeal controls. Wanna introduce more complex modulation? There are individual control voltage inputs for resonance, highpass filter, Mids gain, plus both positive and negative inputs for modulating lowpass filter cutoff. Few pedals can truly destroy your audio in a musical way, and Retro Mechanical Labs remain at the top of the pillar with the Hyde Distortion Filter.

Hyde Distortion Filter Retro Features

  • Hyde Distortion Filter with Retro wood box, VU meter, and 1/8" CV jacks
  • Resonant lowpass diode ladder filter with feedback
  • Internal Filter LFO
  • Highpass filter to reduce low-end rumble
  • Dedicated mid-range distortion control
  • Pre and post filter overdrive
  • Germanium diodes
  • Flexible control via CV
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: 18VDC (PSU included)
Retro Mechanical Labs Hyde Distortion Filter Retro Pedal - Standard Meter Reviews