Retro Mechanical Labs432k Rev2 - Standard VU Meter


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Retro Mechanical Labs 432k Rev2

The Retro Mechanical Labs 432k Rev 2 is a revised version of their original distortion/fuzz pedal. Keeping the same essence of a blend between a hybrid diode/transistor distortion passed through a ladder filter and a second distortion with a clean pass signal, the 432k Rev 2 features a different set of transistors, setting the overall tone of the pedal apart from its earlier version. Additional changes include a sustain knob akin to the sustain on the Muff pedals, and a gain stage clipping to smooth out the fuzz. This version of the pedal comes with a standard VU meter.

432k Rev2 Features

  • Hybrid Diode/Transistor ladder filter
  • Resonant feedback
  • Clean pass for bringing a signal back into the compressed distortion
  • Op Amp style fuzz at end of signal chain
  • Works great with guitars and synths
  • CV control over filter
  • Low cut toggle
  • True Bypass
  • Power: 18V DC Center Negative (not Included)
  • Hand Build and Wired in Portland Oregon
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