Ritual ElectronicsAmnis Generative Shift Register


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Ritual Electronics Amnis

Ritual Electronics Aminis is a digital shift register—different from the analog varietal—which uses a clock and data input to create interesting Gates and CVs. Using a combination of the Clock, Data, and XOR inputs gates are derived across eight different outputs and control voltages get spread out over four outputs. Three outputs are staircase CV outputs derived from the R2R DAC principle. One is an 8-bit output and the other two are odd and even 4-bit outputs, while the fourth is a slewed output of the 8-bit output. Originally designed as a computer memory system, digital shift registers don't have an explicitly musical purpose, which is exactly what makes them interesting to use in a modular context. When using all the inputs you can get interesting bits of randomness and variation on the shift register; using the XOR and Gate lets you generate a 255 step random sequence; while using just the Data input can yield predictable results with a steady pulse or evolving patterns with a free running signal. More than meets the eye, Aminis from Ritual Electronics is a compact way to get interesting patterns while using just a few sources.

Amnis Features

  • 8-Bit Digital shift register
  • 8 Gates outputs, one for each bit
  • Odd and Even 4-bit CV outputs
  • All CV output for 8-bits
  • Slew output is smooth version of All 8-bit output
  • Clock, Data, and XOR inputs work together or independently for different results
  • Gate signal patched into XOR yields classic linear feedback shift register behavior
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 85mA @ +12v, 10mA @ -12v
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