Rides in the StormHFG High Pass Filter


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Rides in the Storm HFG

Great for carving out the low end and creating buttery or crunchy high end, the HFG from Rides in the Storm is a high pass filter featuring loads of modulation opportunities as well as tonal shaping. At its core, the HFG centers its sound around the positions of the filter cutoff and resonance controls, both of which have CV inputs to automate their positions. The cutoff has a variety of CV inputs to introduce both linear and exponential FM modulation as well as a 1V/Oct input for pitch-tracking leads and pads. Create gnarlier tones and squelchy filter sweeps when you engage the HFG's overdrive and resonance boost buttons, beefing and tearing up the filter cutoff and timbre of your sound. With extra gain available to balance and/or further drive your signal, the HFG is a solid high-pass filter for getting anywhere from hissy ambience to screaming motifs.

HFG Features

  • High pass filter module
  • Mono input with separate filter outputs (2-pole and 4-pole)
  • Cutoff and resonance controls with CV inputs
  • Two linear and one exponential CV input with attenuators for the cutoff, as well as 1V/Oct input
  • Overdrive and resonant boost buttons for adding grit throughout and squelchier resonance
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: TBD
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