RetrokitsRK-008 Real Time Multitrack MIDI Recorder


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Retrokits RK-008

Based on the Alesis MMT-8, the Retrokits RK008 is an 8-track per-part MIDI recorder in a compact package that can be the beating heart of your hardware MIDI setup. The only limitation is your own imagination with support for up to 16 Songs, each with up to 100 Parts, and each Part can have up to 680 Beats that can be beholden to tempo or just free.

With a full 16 channels of MIDI and each channel capable of 8 parts, you can create complex sequences and chords by exploiting polyphony in creative ways. Each recorded MIDI sequence features non-destructive transposition, channel routing, quantization, and note filtering for creative performance options. Truly a must for any MIDI-based performer/composer giving you instant access to a MIDI note recorder, the Retrokits RK008 is as compact as it is versatile.

RK-008 Features

  • MIDI Recorder for notes, program changes (PC), and control changes (CC)
  • 8 Tracks per MIDI channel
  • Easily editable
  • No polyphony restrictions
  • Store 16 Songs with 100 Parts, and 680 Beats per part
  • TRS Type-A 2x MIDI In, 2x MIDI Out and sync
  • Compatible with Retrokits RK-006 USB host interface
  • Dimensions: 13x8x3cm / 5.1×3.1×1.1inch
  • Power: USB C Powered
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