RetrokitsRK-002 Smart MIDI Cable


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Retrokits RK-002

Enhance the functionality of your drum machines, synthesizers, and other MIDI devices with the RK-002, a "Smart MIDI Cable" from Retrokits. Though it looks much like any other MIDI cable, inside is a tiny microcontroller which can process, generate, and modify MIDI data in a variety of ways. A number of firmwares exist, from adding Euclidean rhythm generation to a Digitakt to MIDI note scale quantizers and transposition tools. Alternatively, grab the Retrokits Arduino library and hack your own custom firmware! The sky's the limit with RK-002—new possibilities of MIDI transformation await.

Note: the RK-002 draws power from a MIDI port, and as such works best on its own dedicated port, whether from a directly connected device or powered MIDI thru box. Do not use this with any other devices that require MIDI power, such as those by MIDI Solutions.

RK-002 Features

  • Programmable "smart" MIDI cable
  • Processes MIDI data in real-time
  • Draws power from MIDI port
  • Arduino library available for hacking
  • Power: drawn from MIDI port
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