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Many RMLfx products vary from unit to unit—the choice of wood, knobs, and/or VU meter (if applicable) make each device totally unique and one of a kind!

Retro Mechanical Labs Mig Fuzz Pedal

The Mig Fuzz, from Retro Mechanical Labs, is a classic muff-style fuzz with a parallel overdrive mix and mod settings for both tone control and diode clipping. The Mig Fuzz is essentially a four-stage cascading amplifier distortion circuit with three-stage tonal control over its midrange.

The first mod is clipping bypass for stage one. Activating it imparts a characteristic warmth on the tone. The second mod alters the sound of the tone stack, resulting in a more vintage tone bender sound. The third mod mixes the primary distortion with a subtler overdrive signal to afford a broad range of tonal possibilities.

Mig Fuzz Features

  • True Bypass
  • Parallel Overdrive Mix
  • First Stage Clipping Bypass
  • Tone Stack Amount Control
  • Volume Level Control
  • Sustain Amount Control
  • Tone Control Mod – Tone Stack
  • Dual Tone Stack Mods
  • Classic “Tone Bender” Sound
  • New Old Stock Soviet Tone Stack Capacitor
  • Diode Clipping Mod – Diode Bypass
  • Power: 9V DC Center Negative 150mA+ (Not Included)
  • Retro Wood Box Enclosure
  • Hand Build and Wired in Portland Oregon
  • Wire Wound Input/Output Resistors
Product Demo Videos
Retro Mechanical Labs Mig Fuzz Pedal Demo
Here we are demoing the Mig Fuzz Distortion Box pedal by Retro Mechanical Labs. It's a classic Muff type fuzz but with a parallel overdrive mix, tone control mod and diode clipping mod. Works well for riffing, lead playing and more.
Retro Mechanical Labs Mig Fuzz Pedal Reviews