Retro Mechanical LabsHyde Distortion Filter Euro Pedal


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RML Hyde Distortion Filter Euro Pedal

The Retro Mechanical Labs Hyde Distortion Filter has now been optimized for use with Eurorack modular synthesizer systems and beyond! Now, users have access to five CV inputs that afford remote control over the filter’s most crucial parameters, providing yet another means of creating characteristically dark and brooding textures.

Hyde Distortion Filter Euro Features

  • 3.5mm jacks for interfacing with Eurorack
  • Scaled down size
  • 5 CV inputs
  • LEDs for visual feedback
  • Desktop Unit
  • Does not fit in Eurorack Cases
  • All 3.5mm jacks
  • Rugged aluminum case
  • Power: 18VDC center negative
Product Demo Videos
Retro Mechanical Labs Hyde Distortion Filter Eurorack Version
Some drones, distortions and squeaks from the Retro Mechanical Labs Hyde Distortion Filter. The Hyde has the Make Noise 0-Coast as its input and is also under CV control from the 0-Coast as well as its internal LFO.

The Hyde Distortion Filter, from Retro Mechanical Labs, has now been equipped with 3.5mm jacks for ease of use with Eurorack modular synthesizers. It is a standalone desktop unit meant to be patched to all sorts of other gear using 3.5mm jacks. This euro version incorporates five difference CV inputs to control almost any knob in the filter. Each CV input has a corresponding LED for visual feedback of the signal patched in. The Hyde Distortion filter is perfect for creating dark textures and soundscapes. Tune the resonant feedback to match your harmonic droning or wall of noise. Use two boxes to create deep stereo textures. 
Retro Mechanical Labs Hyde Distortion Filter Euro Pedal Reviews