Retro Mechanical LabsElectron Fuzz Custom Distortion (ALUMINUM)


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Retro Mechanical Labs Electron Fuzz Custom (ALUMINUM)

The Electron Fuzz Custom, from Retro Mechanical Labs, is a transistor/diode distortion box with five gain stages. In normal mode, the pedal provides three transistor stages of gain for a characteristically warm and crunchy sound. There’s also a X1000 stomp switch that brings two additional transistor gain stages for even more impact. Consequently, the Electron Fuzz Custom is perfect for adding some grit to rhythm tones. 

This is the ALUMINUM version of the Electron Fuzz Custom. 

Electron Fuzz Custom (ALUMINUM) Features

  • True Bypass
  • Very High Gain Distortion
  • Noise Feedback Loop
  • Pain Knob controls warm and fuzzy overdrive that builds in crunch as the dial is increased
  • Hurt Knob adds top end to the mix with more drive and crunch for brighter and tighter crunch
  • Output Level Control adds volume and saturation – use this to take some edge off the mix or to crank the “Pain” and “Hurt” all the way for a big, dirty, crunchy fuzz
  • Feedback Noise On/Off adjusts the amount of feedback in the circuit for making noise (creates a weird octave mod effect)
  • Low Cut Toggle Switch cuts the low end for a slightly less bass-y sound
  • X1000 Gain Stomp Switch takes the input signal through an additional 2 transistor gain stages, pushing the pedal to the maximum while adding a loud and dirty thrash crunch to the versatile pedal (incredible for feedback noise and FX textures)
  • Meter responds to input signal, and reflects first gain stage transistor distortion (illuminates when active)
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    • Power: 9V DC Center Negative 150mA+ (Not Included)
    • Hand Build and Wired in Portland Oregon
    • Aluminum Enclosure (Fallout Black or Nuclear Winter White)
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