Retro Mechanical LabsElectron Fuzz Custom CV Eurorack Version


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Retro Mechanical Labs Electron Fuzz Eurorack

Retro Mechanical Labs' acclaimed Electron Fuzz Custom has finally been given the full Eurorack treatment! Along with CV input for Hurt, Pain, Feedback and Distortion level, the modular version features an input gain stage for use with guitars and line level audio and both "Eurorack-level" and pre-gain stage audio output.

Electron Fuzz Eurorack Features

  • CV inputs for Pain, Hurt, Oscillator Feedback and Distortion
  • Guitar Pedal Interface (GPI)-style input for attenuating and amplifying the signal going into the distortion circuit
  • Independent clean mix and distortion volume control for full dry/wet control
  • x1000 switch for extreme gain
  • Low cut filter toggle switch
  • True bypass toggle switch for ease of use during performance
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 28 hp
  • 82ma @ +12V
  • 6.25ma @ -12
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