Retro Mechanical Labs432K Distortion Box Retro - Non-Vintage VU Meter


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Note: RML pedals are hand-assembled with rare components—so items' appearance may deviate slightly from our site's photographs. Each unit is unique.

Retro Mechanical Labs 432K Distortion Pedal

The Retro Mechanical Labs 432K is a hybrid distortion box that blends germanium diode distortion and a ladder filter with transistor and op amp distortion. Think of the 432K as a signal blending powerhouse. It affords users the ability to mix classic diode fuzz distortion with a cleaner signal that has been routed through a transistor gain stage. This means users preserve the integrity of the input signal while mixing in some audible mangling. Since the chain starts with a ladder filter with adjustable resonance, users can fine-tune the distortion to taste. 

The 432K works great for guitars, but can also process synthesizers, soft synths, and other electronic instruments in intriguing and spectacular ways. 

432K Features

  • Sound: Classic buzz saw distortion to gritty industrial - Acid keyboard leads. Huge grand full frequency in your face bass - Super high gain is possible
  • Knob controls: “Distortion”, “Filter”, "Resonance" and "Clean" level, Transistor Gain, Op Amp Gain - Output/saturation gain
  • Switch controls: Foot switch: True Bypass, panel toggle switch: Full tone/Low Cut
  • Meter: Respond to your playing, reflects input signal *not scientifically
  • Recommendations: Best for recording keyboards, guitars - Perfect for sound design
  • 18V DC Center Negative 150mA+ Power Supply Included
  • Power: 18V DC Center Negative 150mA+ (Included)
  • Hand Build and Wired in Portland Oregon
  • Wood Box Enclosure
Retro Mechanical Labs 432K Distortion Box Retro - Non-Vintage VU Meter Reviews