Red PandaBitmap 2 Bitcrusher + Distortion Pedal


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Red Panda Bitmap 2 Bitcrusher + Distortion Pedal

Greatly building on the legacy of its predecessor, the Bitmap 2 by Red Panda is an audio mangling machine, offering bitcrushing, wavefolding, and more with dynamic and responsive control. Notably, the new Bitmap offers a handy drive knob, allowing for fine input level adjustments suitable for all kinds of guitars and line-level instruments, with enough range for pushing hotter signals into saturation. Like the original, Bitmap's sample rate frequency can be modulated by an internal LFO with various waveshapes, but new for version 2 is an internal envelope follower which may allow for dynamic modulations that follow the incoming audio's signal level.

Red Panda took the liberty to add a few other welcome features to the Bitmap 2. A very synthesizer-inspired 4-pole lowpass filter rolls off the harsh high frequencies that can be created by the aliasing and artifacts generated from bit and sample rate reduction. Like the other recent Red Panda offerings, the Bitmap 2 offers stereo audio input and output via TRS jacks, making it a great candidate for synthesizers, outboard effects processing, and more. For additional control, an assignable control jack can be used for expression pedals, remote switches for preset and tap tampo management, or even MIDI. The USB port can also be used for MIDI data, and is further useful for updating firmware and editing presets via a computer. Dive into the world of digital artifacts with Red Panda's Bitmap 2.

Bitmap 2 Features

  • Stereo bitcrusher and filter pedal
  • Variable input Drive boosts signals up to +8dBu
  • Fractional bit reduction ranges from 24-bits to 1-bit
  • Sample rate reduction ranges from 48kHz down to 110 Hz
  • Mix control blends between dry and wet signals, great for maintaining bass or fundamental frequencies
  • Internal LFO and envelope follower modulation of sample rate time
  • 4-pole lowpass filter
  • Soft touch switches
  • Assignable auxiliary footswitch for tap tempo or preset
  • Assignable control port for expression pedal, external tap and preset switching, and MIDI
  • USB port for configuration and MIDI control
  • 4 presets via front panel, 127 over MIDI
  • Compatible with Red Panda web editor for heavy feature editing and hidden parameters
  • Dimensions: 3.05" x 4.75" x 2.5"
  • Power Specs: 250 mA 9 VDC, center negative (PSU not included)
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