RecoveryGallows in the Morning Overdrive + Reverb Pedal


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Recovery Gallows in the Morning Overdrive + Reverb Pedal

Gallows in the Morning from Recovery Effects is a combination of reverb and double overdrive capable of a wide range of sounds from straightforward distortion to haunting reverb trails. Select between Bold and Brazen for either overdrive or distortion. The dry signal, distorted signal, and reverb all feature their own level controls to precisely set where they sit in the mix, with a final overall volume level control.

The reverb included in the pedal features a haunting character that cuts through the distortion and sits pleasantly in the mix. This pedal lives up its name, providing rich and warm overdrive coupled with haunting reverb reminiscent of the feeling of looking at Gallows in the Morning.

Gallows in the Morning Features

  • Reverb and double overdrive
  • Distinctive sound and character
  • Distortion or overdrive selectable by switch
  • Level controls for overdrive, clean signal, and reverb
  • Overall volume control
  • Dimensions: 9V DC center negative (not included)
  • Power Specs: 4.77 x 2.6 x 1.39"/121 x 66 x 35mm
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