Rebel TechnologyOWL Open Source Effects Pedal


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Rebel Techology Owl Effects Pedal

Rebel Technology presents OWL, an open source and programmable effects pedal that has been specifically designed for guitarists, sound designers, and computer scientists alike! It grants users the ability to program custom effects, which can be accomplished via C++, or downloading patches from RT’s online library.

Programming the pedal is extremely easy and requires no coding knowledge. In fact, the pedal serves as a perfect initiation to the world of DSP programming.

Owl Effects Pedal Features

For developers

  • Write code for a hardware DSP architecture in plain C/C++
  • Open source platform and tool chain
  • Easy to change and upload patches over USB

For musicians

  • Load patches from your computer via USB
  • Collection of sample patches available and growing
  • Same input/output characteristics as a standard guitar FX pedal
  • The OWL is an open source, programmable effects pedal made for guitarists, musicians, hackers and programmers alike.
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