Random SourceSerge Precision VCO Analog Oscillator (PCO)


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Random Source Serge Precision VCO

Random*Source once again delivers a Eurorack version of a classic and essentail member of the Serge modular catalog: the Precision VCO, or PCO for short. Operating on the same, highly stable core as the NTO, the PCO offers a streamlined set of controls and features for a no-fuss, powerhouse of a utility oscillator. Coarse and Fine tuning controls allow you to tune the PCO anywhere from 16Hz to 16kHz, but the Low frequency switch bumps the module down into LFO territory, ranging from 0.1 to 200Hz. With two 1V/Oct inputs, you can stack two pitch sequences into the PCO for complex melodies, or apply linear FM. As for outputs, you've got the trusty classic waveforms available: since, triangle, sawtooth, and pulse. If you're looking for a distilled version of Serge's lovely oscillators to add to your Eurorack system, look no further than the PCO.

Serge Precision VCO Features

  • Serge analog oscillator for Eurorack
  • Stable operation and pitch tracking
  • Saw, Triangle, Sine, and Pulse outputs
  • Coarse and Fine tuning controls
  • Low frequency switch bumps down into LFO range
  • Two 1V/Oct pitch inputs
  • Linear FM input
  • Sync input
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: <30mm
  • Current draw: 75mA @ +12V, 60mA @ -12V
Random Source Serge Precision VCO Analog Oscillator (PCO) Reviews