Rainger FXReverb-X Digital Reverb Pedal


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Rainger FX Reverb-X Digital Reverb Pedal

The Rainger FX Reverb-X is a digital reverb mini-pedal that boasts up to 6 seconds of reverb time. Capable of everything from bright, clean reverbs to intense, splintering distorted ambiences, the Reverb-X is a tiny pedal not for the faint of heart. With control over reverb send level, gating, and far more, this is a reverb for creating unimaginable spaces.

Reverb-X Features

  • FV-1 based reverb in mini-pedal format with up to 6 seconds of reverb time!!
  • Built-in post-reverb overdrive for blistering ambience
  • Built-in noise gate keeps things quiet when they should be
  • Included Igor expression pad allows pressure control of reverb send amount
  • 'Gate' switch allows for odd 1980's style gated reverb effects
  • PSU requirements: 9v DC (center negative)
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