Rainger FXMinibar Liquid Analyzer


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Rainger FX Minibar

The Minibar from Rainger FX is a liquid analyzer pedal, which uses the properties of liquids to determine the tone of your sound. It has a volume control and a watertight container for whatever liquids you might find suitable.

Minibar makes no sound until you fill the container with liquid, at which point the analysing LED determines the character and behavior of the pedal. The conductivity of the guitar's AC signal determines the gain while opacity determines the treble and bass make up of the signal. Minibar often imparts a band pass filtering effect to the signal, carving out tones in your guitar signal. Try experimenting with different liquids: nail polish remover, coffee, soda, wine...whatever you want!

Minibar Features

  • Liquid analyzer pedal
  • Pour liquid into the watertight container to determine the tone
  • Green analysis LED
  • Opacity determines the treble and bass makeup of the signal
  • Conductivity of AC signal determines gain
  • Volume knob
  • Mirror finished mini-pedal enclosure
  • TBD
  • Standard 9VDC C- PSU (not included)
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