Rainger FXEl Distorto Mini Distortion

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Rainger FX El Distorto

El Distorto is yet another positively bizarre offering from Rainger FX. This silicon diode-based distortion offers a balanced sound with boosted mids that is easily assuaged into gnarly fuzz. Front panel controls are simple: drive and volume for amount of distortion and level accommodation. A switch on the back panel enables a less stable mode, allowing for creation of wavering, slightly out-of-control fuzz tones. With a sound as intense as its appearance is bizarre, El Distorto is ready to bring satisfying distortion and uneasy fuzz to any rig.

El Distorto Features

  • Really tasty distortion sounds
  • Unstable offset fuzz switch
  • Cool asymmetrical metal box
  • Drive and volume controls
  • Try it with the Rockpick (supplied) for extra squeal
  • Unique plugging arrangement
  • Locking input/output sockets
  • Very small pedalboard footprint
  • Deeply cute alien vibe
  • Powered by 9 volt battery or DC in socket
  • Hard-wired true bypass switching
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