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Rainger FX Drone Rainger Delay

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Rainger FX Drone Rainger

Drone Rainger from Rainger FX is a digital delay inspired by the dubbiest of all things dub. Consequently, it achieves delectably low drones that can subsequently be mixed into the delay circuit. Perfect for practitioners of psychedelically-tinged genres, ambient music, shoegaze, and drone/doom, Drone Rainger is more than ready to hold its own. The device features independent signal channels, one for a guitar signal and the other for the drone signal. However, since both channels are processed through the same delay circuit, players can achieve all kinds of raunchy psychedelic goodness. If this wasn’t enough, Drone Rainger also features two integrated tone generators, one free flowing and the other regulated by the 12-way selector switch. Slightly offsetting each generator results in pseudo-beats and percussive flavors unachievable elsewhere.

Both of Drone Rainger’s generators have two remotely switchable effects: a tone-down pitch drop for delightful pitch sagging, and a delay chip-sourced white noise burst. Additionally, the pedal can be configured to emit two different notes, with the ability to fine tune either while playing.

Drone Rainger Features

  • Digital dub delay with maximum one second of delay time
  • Built-in analog drone generators for otherworldly ambience
  • Drone tones can be automatically switched on the fly
  • Pitch drop momentary footswitch
  • Pre-delay noise burst footswitch
  • Chorus effect for tone generators offers internal sense of movement
  • Can be used as a sound source even without external input
  • Custom seven-sided enclosure
  • Built-in window to an industrial wasteland: the circuitboard itself!
  • Dimensions: 116x104x66mm
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center negative PSU (not included)
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