Radial EngineeringWM8 500 Series Mixer Section for WR8


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Radial WM8

It's easy to install into a an empty Workhorse chassis, and gives you pan and level controls for each channel. Balanced main outputs with Jensen transformers provide clean and clear audio, while additional monitor outputs and headphone outputs are available for performers. Use the WM8 mixer to add professional monitoring capabilities to your Workhorse recording rig, or to turn your Workhorse into an 8 x 2 analog summing device! Whether you produce, record, or mix, the WM8 eight-channel mixer creates new potentials for your Workhorse chassis.

WM8 Features

  • Installs in an empty Radial Workhorse 500-series chassis to add 8 x 2 mixing capabilities
  • Adds comprehensive monitoring options to your Workhorse chassis
  • Overload LEDs per channel to help you keep your signal levels optimized
  • Jensen transformers on the main outs sound fantastic while isolating the outputs from noise
  • Turns your Workhorse chassis into an analog summing mixer
  • Ultra quiet transparent signal path
  • Jensen transformer isolated outputs
  • Individual control over each module
  • Built-in 8 channel analogue summing mixer
  • Combine the sound of various modules
  • Lets you monitor and record in analog
  • Simultaneously record and perform live
  • Bring analog into the digital realm
  • Combine modules to create new sounds
  • Set up zero-latency overdubbing
  • Easy to add mixer section
  • Spectacular sounding analog summing
Radial Engineering WM8 500 Series Mixer Section for WR8 Reviews