Radial EngineeringSwitchbone V2 Amp Switcher + Booster Pedal


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Radial Engineering Switchbone V2

Radial Engineering's Switchbone V2 is a stellar amp switcher with additional boost to add clarity and lift to your sound, offering loads of adjustable tonal and functional parameters. Starting at the input, the Switchbone offers a standard Hi-Z 1/4" input with an adjustable impedance load ranging from 22k to 1 MegOhm. Flexible routing and control, the Switchbone V2 features up to three different amplifier outputs to choose from, focusing on channels A and B with the variable channel C for tuning or a third amplifier. Channels A and B both feature independent ground lift and polarity switch options to clean up and isolate your signal from any hum and noise or phasing issues, respectively.

Routing your speaker selection during performance is easy enough with the centered Toggle switch, swapping between channels A and B. The Both switch can either be utilized to engage both channel A & B or to turn on channel C's isolated output. Switchbone's Slingshot output can be utilized to control other pedals that accept an on-off type command via contact closure, and customization is quite flexible with the contact offering both normally open or closed as well as circuitry choice of either a latching or a pulse like signal. The Slingshot sends signals used from either the Toggle or Boost footswitch, selectable via a side-panel recessed switch.

A unique and desirable tonal feature for compensating before the amplifier, the Switchbone features a customizable boost circuit with adjustable gain of up to +18dB and mid boost of up to +12dB. The Boost footswitch can be utilized to engage solely the gain, the gain and mid boost, or even just as a mute switch, disregarding any amount of boost. Along with the additional gain pre-output, the Baseline section of Switchbone offers additional level to add to your buffered output to make your amplifiers sizzle—quite useful if you're using an older amplifier with no level control. Easily add great tone and a variety of timbral amplifications to your performance with Radial Engineering's Switchbone V2.

Switchbone V2 Features

  • Pedal-format ABY/C signal switcher
  • Allows users to toggle between or stack up to three amps under footswitch control
  • Optocoupler-based switching for eliminating pops and clicks
  • Transformer-isolated outputs for eliminating buzz and hum
  • Variable drag control for dialing in straight-into-amp-like tone
  • Baseline control for boosting your signals
  • Boost section offers up to 18dB of clean gain (including mid boost option)
  • AB or ABC switching easily accommodated via three dedicated outputs and front-panel footswitches
  • Polarity inversion and ground lift switches for outputs A and B
  • Slingshot output for controlling external effects
  • Built like a tank
  • Dimensions: 2 x 6.6 x 4.5"
  • Power Specs: 15VDC PSU (included)
  • Inputs: 1x 1/4"
  • Outputs: 3x 1/4"
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