QuanalogFaktori Mixer + Filter + Function Generator


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Quanalog Faktori

Faktori from Quanalog is a compact, multifaceted module that combines a five-channel mixer, Steiner-Parker filter, and function generator all in one module. Starting at the top, we have a 5-channel mixer with channels 1 & 5 having more gain suitable for sine waves, triangle waves, or anything that needs a little more of a boost, while channels 2–4 have lower gain for higher output signals, like square waves, sawtooths, and wave folded audio. Each channel has its own level control and channel 5 generates noise when nothing is patched. All channels are then fed into a 3-way switchable Steiner-Parker filter with Frequency and Resonance control which can be set to self-oscillate.

The bottom half of the module is dedicated to cv processing and function generation. You have a Rise and Fall control that can be set to exponential, logarithmic and anywhere in between. A Sustain knob is present, too, letting this function as an ASR envelope. Use the Key/Slew input to bypass the Sustain and generate nice slewing and portamento. Switch the Cycle switch on and you now have a very capable LFO and VCO with rates as slow as 20m. Perfect for processing multiple voices that need to sound consistent and offers loads of functionality, the Faktori from Quanalog packs a lot into a little.

Faktori Features

  • 5-Channel Mixer
  • Steiner-Parker filter with selectable low pass, high pass, and band pass modes
  • Function generator capable of generating LFO, envelope, CV slew, rudimentary VCO
  • Rise and Fall parameter can be morphed from exponential to logarithmic
  • Sustain knob for generating ASR envelopes
  • Mixer channels 1 & 5 offer high gain while 2–4 offer lower gain
  • Channel 5 generates noise when nothing is patched
  • Filter capable of self-oscillating
  • Function out normalized to filter Frequency modulation
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 25mA @ +12V, 20mA @ -12V
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