QuanalogBoubou 5-Voice Analog Drum Synth


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Quanalog Boubou

Quanalog's Boubou is a five-voice drum module for Eurorack based around analog filters uniquely tuned for specific percussive tones. Dedicated sections for Kick, Toms, Snare, and Hi-hat makes this an all-in-one solution for percussion in your Eurorack system. The Kick section is a combination of two tones in order to simulate the deep resonance of the bass drum with the impulse from the initial strike. To do this Quanalog uses a sine wave from an analog low pass filter for the depth and a feedback circuit to create the percussive click or strike. Further kick tones can be adjusted by using the Attack and Decay, as well as the Overdrive knob that can add a nice bit of dirt.

The Dual Tom section gives you two of the same sonic cores found in the Kick section, but a few less controls and a unique Retrigger volume knob. This is helpful if you have multiple gate lengths from your sequencer which will give the toms a dynamic, hand drum feel. The snare section uses analog noise to create a snappy sound which can be sculpted with a Decay control, filter controls, and Noise control. If the Hi Tom has no trigger—the second Tom—then it acts as a resonator for the snare letting you get some wonderful complex tones. A Hi-hat section rounds out the Boubou and uses analog noise through a high pass filter. This section also has an external input with dedicated gain control that lets you mix in any other sound source for a more robust sound.

In addition to all of this, any of the voices can process audio by simply plugging in an audio signal into the Trigger inputs. A gorgeous black and gold faceplate with a minimal layout makes the Boubou easy to use, plus with the plethora of sounds it can create, it can easily find its way into your system.

Boubou Features

  • 5 Independent voices for generating percussion sounds
  • Each voice is generated with an independent analog filter
  • Independant outputs
  • Triggers can accept audio letting each voice process audio
  • Hard and Soft toggle for Kick letting you easily add small breaks for performance
  • Snare and Hi-hat section use analog noise source
  • 2nd Tom can act as a resonator for Snare when unpatched
  • Skiff friendly
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 28hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 30mA @ +12V, 4mA @ -12V
Quanalog Boubou 5-Voice Analog Drum Synth Reviews