Qu-Bit ElectronixMojave Stereo Live Granular Processor


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Qu-Bit Electronix Mojave

Inspired by the wisping gusts of the desert wind, Qu-Bit's Mojave is a fresh Eurorack module designed for intuitive real-time exploration of granular synthesis and microsound. Unlike their other granular module, Nebulae, Mojave is exclusively focused on real-time granulation of sound. To this end, Mojave features not only stereo audio inputs but also an onboard MEMS condenser microphone for directly recording real-world objects into Mojave. Speak or sing poetry, grab your acoustic guitar, or craft soundscapes from household objects—the possibilities are endless.

Following previous modules like Aurora and Nautilus, Mojave is a visual spectacle to behold. However, its impressive aesthetics aren't purely for show: Mojave's depiction of blowing sand actually conveys the position of active grains within the current audio buffer. Indeed, by using the Zone and Size controls, watch the display to see how the position and length of grains are respectively changed by these knobs. Mojave also features macro-level controls of various grain parameters, often introducing randomness while giving you incredible flexibility in how your audio is rearranged. Drift corresponds to random deviations in position from the current Zone setting, while Distribute adds variation to the base grain rate.

Granular synthesis in modular patches has become associated with shimmering layers of grains an octave or two above the input source. Mojave extends these sounds with some new pitch features, including its Sky Mode pitch quantization. With the option to lock pitch shifting into major, minor, and chromatic scales, the Speed knob adjusts the playback rate and pitch of each grain, while Structure introduces increasingly random pitch deviations from detuned swarms and octaves to full-blown melodic flurries. For more dramatic patches, add in stereo panning with Whirl and two types of effects with Gust—turn it to the left for grain feedback, or to the right for a massive reverb.

Believe it or not, Mojave can also produce control voltages at its Dune output. This output produces a ramp wave with all controls at their minimum or defaults but quickly becomes more complex with Mojave at different settings. Patch this back into Mojave for self-control, or mingle with other signals in your rack for higher levels of interactivity. You can customize the behavior of Dune and many other Mojave parameters with Qu-Bit's Narwhal web editor, which generates a special JSON file to load into the included USB flash drive. Speaking of customization, like other recent Qu-Bit modules Mojave is based on Electro-Smith's Daisy platform, which means that you have access to easy firmware updates and hackability. In a crowded field of incredible granular Eurorack modules, Mojave is an exciting new entry that's poised to conjure up inspiring patches and sounds.

Mojave Features

  • Live granular synthesis processor
  • Stereo audio I/O
  • Onboard MEMS microphone for directly recording into Mojave
  • Numerous parameters for direct and macro control
  • Gen button and CV input for grain generation
  • Free-running and Quantized Clock Rate control
  • Distribute control for random variation of grain rate
  • Size control sets length and playback direction of grain (up to 2 seconds)
  • Zone control defines playback position
  • Drift control for random position displacement
  • Speed control for pitch/playback rate of grain audio
  • Sky Modes quantize pitches to musical scales: Major, Minor, Chromatic, Unquantized
  • Structure adds pitch deviations within selected Sky Mode
  • Whirl provides random stereo panning
  • Gust offers 2 effects: grain feedback to the left, lush reverb to the right
  • USB port for firmware updates and optional configuration
  • Compatible with Qu-Bit's Narwhal web-based config application
  • Built on the Electro-Smith Daisy platform
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 28mm
  • Current draw: 167mA @ +12V, 13mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
Mojave Tutorial 1: Getting Started
Mojave is a musically minded granular sandstorm. Drawing its inspiration from vast swaths of desert in the American Southwest, Mojave is a live granular processor that uses microscopic bits of audio to create beautifully crafted sonic landscapes.
Qu-Bit Electronix Mojave Stereo Live Granular Processor Reviews